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Is it Firefox or Zend Debugger? Cookie Standards

on Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

I’m frequently using Zend Debugger and recenlty it started not working with firefox so I decided to investigate. It still works with IE7 and Opera so it was weird to see Firefox being broken with the recent update (

When Zend Debugger starts, it sets a cookie on the browser, so when the request passes through the Debugger, it’s caught. Simple enough.

See the cookie that is set by Zend Debugger:
Set-Cookie: ZDEDebuggerPresent=php,phtml,php3; path=/ ZendDebuggerCookie=||084|77742D65|0; path=/ SESSdd12cedd715988d11c29f14605e8aa57=rfem27em2jsn3l9ipusujaava2; path=/; domain=.
Nothing looks weird to me…
But when firefox does a second request it returns only the cookies below:

Cookie: ZDEDebuggerPresent=php,phtml,php3; SESSdd12cedd715988d11c29f14605e8aa57=rfem27em2jsn3l9ipusujaava2

What happened to ZendDebuggerCookie? The little firefox ate it?
Plain weird.

Webmaster’s World Gave me a good laugh – sitemaps again

on Sunday, May 6th, 2007

I was reading a post at webmaster’s world, and started laughing after reading the opener:

Are Scrapers Exploiting the sitemap.xml file?

Many people seem to posting saying after adding sitemaps they are suffering a problem with content. Could sitemaps.xml be beeing abused. Is the new content title and meta tag scraped before the sitemap is submitted to google by sitemap generators?

Read more…

More sitemap issues!

on Thursday, April 19th, 2007

It’s a jungle out there!
Now I realized, yahoo is indexing the sitemap directly at the search results!!!!!!!!
this is redicilous.
Check this link the last entry is from my sitemap.

Sitemaps in the robots.txt Happy Harvesting

on Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

I’ve just read the Google Webmaster’s blog about the news on supporting’s sitemap format.
This is really a great news for all the people that like to be crawled faster and acurately.
For me the more interesting part about this news is that’s proposal to include sitemaps into the robots.txt.

Simply you add a line into your robots.txt saying

Sitemap: <sitemap_location></sitemap_location>

This part is really cool but for site harvesters it’s an unbelivable tool. So you can handover the key to your site and web harvesters can crawl your site really easily because probably you’ve put all your site’s pages into your sitemap.

Sounds like a good plan in an ideal world. With all the cloakers and content scrapers you must be really smart not to be ripped apart.

My suggestion is to know who you’re serving the sitemap. Currently Google, Yahoo and Ask is supporting this sitemaps.xml and no other site has anything to do with it.
Here is a simple check you can add in the begining of your sitemap thing:

< ?php
    function botIsAllowed($ip){
        //get the reverse dns of the ip.
        $host = strtolower(gethostbyaddr($ip));
        $botDomains = array('', 
        //search for the reverse dns matches the white list
        foreach($botDomains as $bot){
            if (strpos(strrev($host),strrev($bot))===0){
                $qip= gethostbyname($host);
                return ($qip==$ip);
        return false;

if (!botIsAllowed($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'])){
    echo "Banned!";

I’m sure everyone can get the idea of reverse dns and forward dns checking.
If I missed any decent site that uses the sitemaps let me know.

Note: If you’re still using static sitemaps (!) you can just include the xml after the code.


on Monday, October 3rd, 2005

XML User Interface Language (XUL) is one of the not wellknown treasures of the browsers who understands it. e.g.: Firefox.
Google recenty did an XUL interface. Looks pretty nice. Worths checking it with Firefox and view the source.

MS cares standards? Don’t make me laugh!

on Monday, September 19th, 2005

IEBlog on the weekend announced a new toolbar for IE 6 and 7 : A developer toolbar.

Toolbar is absolutely same as Firefox toolbar WebDeveloper plus an IEBlog button, which gave me a good laugh.

Still a nice effort for MS seeing that Validate HTML and CSS options on that toolbar. No surprise it’s made by 5 interns and a developer. I guess those interns will never make it to full time employees if they continue to care about standards and etc. Somebody should tell them to stop using firefox at MS HQs too.

Nothing new in the toolbar, all just a replica.

SVG and Flash

on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005

SVG is the opensource alternative to Macromedia flash.
After Adobe and Macromedia joined, maybe they would go for an SVG support in flash players.
However it is anticipated an SVG support in the next Firefox.
I’m sure IE7 will follow it up too…

Time will show if the MM Flash will stand solid.

By the way Macromedia has a new showcase for flash platform.
Suprisingly Slashdot has an article on SVG too :) . It has a good list of SVG supporting software

CSS Standards

on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005

If you want to test if your browser is CSS aware check this test:

acid2 test guide
The test