memcache.php flushes servers

by Harun Yayli on Thursday, August 28th, 2008 at 2:23 pm under Memcached, pecl, PHP

Your good comments from all over the world about memcache.php is amazing. Thank you all!

I’ve recently received a contribution from Michael Gauthier. I took the liberty to tweak a bit and now memcache.php can flush individual server (no flush all servers yet).

File is now updated and you can get it from here.

PS: I didn’t receive any feedback from pecl guys about my previous update. I’ll post this to them again. I’ll announce when this version is in pecl/memcache CVS.

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5 Responses to “memcache.php flushes servers”

  1. Gaylord Aulke Says:

    memcache.php is great! Thanks for that. Just posted a code snippet to fetch all existing keys. What do you think of that? see:

  2. Harun Yayli Says:

    Thank you for your comment. I’ve checked you’re snippet. It’s a great idea.
    I’m planning to add dumping and moving functionality soon. However I’m not planning to use the pecl extension. I still prefer to use low level sockets to send commands to memcache server. The reason is, you don’t always have the extension installed on every environment that you use for monitoring.
    your feed back is very welcomed.

  3. Frank Febbraro Says:

    THanks for this script, it is just what I need. I would love on minor enhancement. Can you make the MEMCACHE_SERVERS we can associative array b/c I woud love to be able to add a description for what each server is. I typically start 8 differen bins each for a specific usage and I would rather not remember which port is which usage, but instead have a description that appears in parens next to the localhost:11213, etc.

    Anyway, that is minor, the script works great. Thanks.

  4. Ken Masters Says:

    Great script! Helped me see how my memcache servers are being utilized by our code. One quick question.

    What will I see after I click the “Flush this server” link? I click on that link and I see “Flush ::OK”. I go back to the main screen and I see the same Used Cache Size value being shown before I clicked the flush server link.

  5. Bill Taylor Says:

    Thank you for memcache.php !! It has helped me a lot. Good luck on future projects!

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