Google Base Banned Keywords

by Harun Yayli on Sunday, March 11th, 2007 at 2:11 pm under API, Google, Google Base, Ideas, Internet

I started submitting some items to google base using the API.
It was all going fine until I realized some keywords were banned from the description, title or URL.
I was posting the free articles I have, about various subjects and my purpose was not spamming.
It’s kind of weird if you want to post a news about anti-online gambling and to get banned.

It’s a stupid keyword match, not a context match. This means you can’t really post anything about those keywords even if you’re writing against or for.

Here is the list I’ve found that is banned. Maybe there are more.

Update: I’ve found this one which is really weird: iraqi dinar

iraqi dinar
anabolic steroid
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